October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!


 Carving Pumpkins for FHE at a friend's house. 
 Asher has dots on his hand to keep track of how many laps he runs during running club.

 I let the kids scoop and carve and I take pictures and cheer them on- and maybe help a little. Josh does a lot of the helping of the scooping and carving as well!

 Elizabeth seems a little grossed out by this. See those bracelets on her wrist? They are made on a rainbow loom out of rubberbands and are the new fad now- just like silly bands once were! The kids trade them at school and give them away to close friends.

Our friends borrowed this cool, homemade train that is pulled behind a four wheeler-an Arizona tradition it seems!
No, Jonah did not run as much as his hand shows- he decided to add more dots to it on his own!

Happy Haunting, Everyone!!

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