October 14, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa Visit!

Grand Dad and Grandma Abbott with the kids

I've decided to keep blogging! I can't keep away! Next week though I am starting a long term sub job as a aide in 2nd grade for six weeks (until Thanksgiving), so my posts may be intermittent. On Saturday Grandma Abbott and Grand Dad came to visit! Grand Dad gets a week or so off every October and they decided this year to visit four of their children in three different states. 

They came in Saturday afternoon and after a tour of ASU and the Law School, they took us out to dinner to Tia Rosa's- a Mexican place close by that we've been wanting to go for awhile now! While there we realized that some friends had taken us there two years ago when we scoped out that area. They did not disappoint and the food, the staff and the atmosphere was lovely. Thank You, Mom and Dad!

On Sunday, we went to our early (8 am!) Church, took naps and drove up to Grand Dad's cousin Sandy's home for a lovely dinner. We also stopped by the Gilbert Temple on the way there and there had even been a Church building built (a Stake Center) on the grounds since we had last been there!

Monday the kids went to school and GrandMom and I went to visit the Mesa Temple and go to Deseret Book. We had a very lovely morning. Grand Dad and Josh stayed home and discussed some research things they've been doing. When we got home they were in the exact same spot we had left them! Thank you for visiting, Mom and Dad! We LOVED seeing you both!

It's been lovely weather here- in the 70's and 80's- and we've loved it! Afternoons at the park and climbing the 3 big trees in our backyard have been keeping the kids busy! I'm in the throes of the second trimester and loving it! We have a few girl names picked out but absolutely no boy names.We'll have our gender ultrasound at the end of November and we're excited to find out! That will also help narrow down the names.

The kids are getting excited for Halloween and we'll have to do some activities besides just decorating the house for Halloween! I'm excited to be working at the school during these next two Holidays!

Happy October!

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