September 23, 2013

Elizabeth's Birthday Fun

 Eleven candles!!

 Since Elizabeth has been reading Harry Potter with Josh, I got her some Jelly Bellies that were like Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans as a present.

 The flavors included Stink Spray, Pencil Shavings and Centipede.

 Each of us tried one out. You could either get the good flavor or the bad flavor- you couldn't tell! Jonah was brave and got centipede! He said it tasted like spicy tomato. The kids loved this present and had a great time trying to taste the jelly beans!

 Josh lucked out and got coconut! I tried it- through the encouragement of the kids- and got baby wipes!! Eeeww! It tasted exactly like baby wipes! The kids wanted to know what really went into these jelly beans and we assured them it was just a chemical to make it taste like them.

 Asher- thrilled at the thought of someone eating a "Skunk Spray" jelly bean!

 Present Time!

 Another Highlight of her Birthday- besides going out for BBQ for lunch and the Bertie Botts beans- was the fact that the boys went to the dollar store and each picked out a gift for her (except Jonah who couldn't find anything). Ethan was so excited about what he found that he talked it up to her and she was so excited to finally see what it was.

 It was a plastic, bling $ sign necklace. Good thing she smiled and said she liked it!

 More Presents! Thank you!!!


Blurry, but cute!

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth! 

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