August 21, 2013

On Blogging

Golfland- using our Summer Reading Program Prizes!

I've switched back to my older banner and format. The banner is too wide- have to figure that out. Also, the pictures are too big. I'm okay with that though. I've also updated my sidebar a little- check it out.

A little Bahama Bucks (shaved iced)- one of our favorite places to keep cool!


-The kids are doing super well in school. We're back to our routine- Dad at work, Mom at home and all the kiddos at school. The students at ASU start back tomorrow, so Josh has been super busy with new law student orientations, questions from new students and meetings. It's amazing how much he does! He is doing a great job!

Having "The Superman"- half blue, half red perfect for Ethan and Jonah

-I'm still working on taking a class at ASU. I didn't make the cut off for this semester to apply for free tuition thru Josh (I didn't know there was an application process!). I also need to get a titer blood draw (one that says I am immune to MMR) since my shots were given before 1979. I just missed the cutoff with getting them in 1978! I hope to sign up for at least one class next semester- maybe online so I don't have to drive anywhere!

-It's still super hot here- 107, 110 degrees. The kids go swimming after school each day. I started getting heat stroke this past weekend and that was no fun. Feeling a little better now.

-Elizabeth is playing the clarinet instead of the trumpet since too many signed up for the trumpet- did I mention that already? Yay! Next year we will have 3 instruments floating around here.

-Busy week with 3 separate back to school nights (each grade does a separate one), scouts, piano, Stake Activity Days, a birthday party and PTSO training on Saturday.

-Elizabeth is turning 11 in a month! We're excited to have her babysit for us! Ethan and Jonah are so close to her age that it will be all three of them watching Asher. Mostly.

That's about it for now! Have a great Wednesday!

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