August 16, 2013

Most of All- A post on slowing down and simple things

 While going through my list of blogs that I read, I stopped by a blog and happened upon an article from the Huffington Post entitled-

The Day I Stopped Saying 'Hurry Up'

I was actually busy at the time- changing Pandora stations, finishing up a post on Instagram (Follow Me! @ meganroseabbott), pinning on something on Pinterest from another blog post that I just found and loved, and hurrying so that I could check facebook and finish watching that show from the other day.

I know, right?!

My life between the hours of 12-3pm is pretty simple.

You, see I give myself that shift off. I read from somewhere that it's not healthy to work all 4 shifts as a Mother. There is the morning rush hour shift, the morning get things done shift, the after lunch shift, the hectic after school shift and the after dinner shift.

I try to be fully present in all of the 3 shifts where my kids need me the most- helping get their lunches ready, finding clean clothes, volunteering at the schools (or subbing). Then, helping them get their homework assignments done, finding a snack, signing their agenda, chatting about the day. And of course, after dinner when the kids want to relax and have a little family time and then do bedtime routines.

So, between 12-3 pm. I do all my favorite activities. I check blogs, Instagram, Facebook. I blog, watch my favorite show (Sherlock Holmes lately or Call the Midwives), practice the piano for choir or organize or do a craft. Mostly I sit and relax. Lately I have been hurrying so to get all of the fun stuff in those hours that I have scratched out my afternoon nap. I don't have time for a nap! But when 4:30 pm rolls around I find myself asleep on the couch and the kids entertaining themselves. Not so good.

I am going to enjoy the simple things in life:

-A warm, melty chocolate bar from Godiva that Josh brought me from San Fransisco on a very short business trim last weekend.

-A blog post written

-A gratitude journal started

-A smile from the child in the library

And I will try to be more patient with my children as well. I think I know this time that I have is coming to an end. We will have a baby in our home one day in the near future and while I can still do some of my favorite activities, these long stretches with no one home and no ones' needs to be met but my own will be gone. But what will replace them will be what I like to do most of all:

-Kisses on a soft, golden cheek,

-A pat on the bum after a diaper change.

-That milky, drunk look they always get after a bottle/nursing.

-The warm baby smell

And most of all,  just doing what I want most of all to do with my life- caring for a baby.

**It's been five years since Stephanie Nielson had her airplane crash accident. Read about it here.

***My friend Marta has a pretty paperie  shop that just opened online. Go check it out, she has some cute stuff! She made my business cards for when I taught piano lessons in Maryland and I loved them!

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