August 12, 2013

Mom and Dad Visit

Here are a few pics of when my Parents came to visit. Above- my Mom and me. Below- my Dad playing a game that he found at Savers that we used to play when we were little! I didn't even know they still made that game! (Wait, they don't! It was made in 1979).

I haven't been blogging as much as we have been busy getting back into the school routine. This morning I met with the Principal to discuss switching Asher's teacher (she is a very good teacher, but most of the time is strict and stern and I would rather have a happier atmosphere for Asher), went to the Dr., did the weekly grocery shopping, washed and folded and put away (most) of all the laundry so we should be set.

Funny story- while I was at the Drs. the lab technician saw a scorpion on the carpet and bravely stomped on it. I offered to clean it up with a paper towel (even though I was a little freaked out). She promptly said no- we have a vacuum for that and sucked it up right away. I'm not sure how I felt about having a vacuum specifically for scorpions although I'm sure it wasn't just for scorpions.

The kids are thoroughly enjoying school. Elizabeth has a fun teacher and Ethan's new teacher gives them a lot of homework but not too much- which we approve of. Jonah and Asher are doing just fine.

I got accepted into ASU (yay!) and have been researching classes that interest me and that would fit my schedule or I can online. It's too late to apply for the tuition reimbursement for this semester so I will look at next semester. Life is Good!

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