August 28, 2013

Funny Kids Sayings

 Ethan growing grass seed in an egg as a craft.

This past Sunday, on a lazy, cool afternoon, I was checking my blog and the kids meandered over to see what I was doing. I showed Asher an old post about him and he loved it! He wanted to search all the posts that mentioned his name (8 pages of them!). Then the other kids found a post of My Funny Kids' Sayings and we read them together and just laughed and laughed. Often it was something that Asher just misunderstood. Hopefully he didn't feel bad about that. I hadn't written any for awhile so here are a few I had written down on some post it notes when they happened:

Asher: "I think I'm allergic to cold. Whenever I get cold I get these bumps."

Mom: "You mean goosebumps?"

Asher: "No. Bumps."


Asher (about his rash): "You have red bumps like me but they are pimples." *Thanks, Asher!*


Asher: "Sometimes it feels like there are spiders in my belly, sometimes it's bugs and sometimes it's worms." -from the mouth of a boy!


And last but not least- The boys had just got done swimming and got dressed and I asked "Are you wearing underwear?" Jonah- "Yes!" Ethan- "No!" Huh? Goofy kid!

I do love those silly, funny kids!

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