July 20, 2013

Final Paperwork

 Going Forward (also headed North)

We signed the final paperwork for foster care this week. I thought that it would be a bigger deal for me: finally signing and finishing all of the work on our part after this long while. But it wasn't. I signed, Josh signed and we were done. The papers were combined with several others, placed on top, and placed in a large, frayed manila file folder.

Our case worker said that he would finish the work for a few more families and then he would get to us. He apologized that it was taking so long, explained that these foster kids need good families but that it is such a long process (why?! makes me want to go to law school and simplify it!). 

I am grateful. I am grateful that this application process is drawing to a close. I am grateful that we are one step closer to be licensed as foster care Parents. And I am grateful that I get to finish off the summer with these kiddos. It's been a little stressful (although fun) going back to school shopping (2 1/2 more weeks!) and going up North for a weekend (more on that later) and it's a little easier to do without a baby.

Oh, and we switched realtors on our home in Maryland after 2 years of it being on the market. Although it was really, really hard to do, it's been a good decision. I don't think we would have done it if we had been busy with fostering.

We're excited, we're hopeful, we're using our time as wisely as we can. And we're thrilled! 

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