June 19, 2013

California Trip! Part 1

We recently returned from a 10 day trip to California. We went for the purpose of an Abbott Family Reunion but we also saw some of my side of the family as well. 

On the way there, up to Paso Robles, we stopped at my Parents house in Victorville on Friday and stayed Friday and Saturday night. We went to the Mojave River (mostly a large stream, walked down it and caught some crawdads. The kids had a blast! On Sunday we stopped by Larissa's, went to Church with them and had a yummy lunch. We drove down to Uncle Doug's and Aunt Sheelah's and went out to Giovanni's for pizza. We spent Sunday there and then went to the beach Monday. The kids loved it and they loved boogie boarding.

By the time we got to Paso on Tuesday we were so excited to see everyone although a bit worn out from staying up late chatting with family. Maybe next time we won't try to do so much at once. But, it was worth it. Part 2- Abbott Reunion- coming up!

Coco, Jonah and Cash playing a game on my phone

Amy and Quincy- it's her birthday!

Coco, Asher and Grandpa walking the Mojave River

Elizabeth showing Fools Gold

Grandpa caught a Crawdad!

Aunt Amy and Quincy in shades

Cousins!! Shayla and Mitchell plus our kids

Carpinteria Beach! Asher



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