May 11, 2013

To All My Children,


Dear Children,

              To those of you who are here now, who have made me a Mother, who call me Mother and who give me a chance daily to learn, grow and experience the joy of Mothering, To my sweet 4 children- my 10 year old, my two 8 years olds (so soon to be 9) and my six year old. It is only for such a short time that you will be these ages. Time seems to fly on the wings of a very large bird- it's flapping seems so slow and deliberate, but it moves swiftly and surely. Within a few short months Elizabeth, you will be 11, Ethan and Jonah, you will be 9 and Asher, you will be 7. I will no longer have a sweet 1st grader to call my own. I will no longer have twins who have recently baptized or a fourth grader in the cusp of young childhood.
            But, I will have a sweet 2nd grader- 2nd graders can be so fun and cute! I will have 2 fourth graders, who have been around the block in Elementary School and are ready for another lap. I will have a fifth grader, who knows her stuff, who knows how to work hard and who has friends to cheer and uplift her. You are growing and learning and I am so very proud of you.
            Children, I want you to know that you are my children. Nothing can ever change that. Heavenly Father has given you to me- to take care of, to teach, to raise in righteousness, to honor and to love. I want you to know, Elizabeth, Ethan, Jonah and Asher, that I honor you- you who have made me a Mother. And I love you. Very Much. Happy Mother's Day. I am so grateful for you.



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Joanie said...

Dear Megan...How come you are so sweet? Your heart seems to always be overflowing with love....and the awareness of your blessings. Yu speak for all mothers...mothers who sometimes don't take the time to write words like this, speak words like this, but these words are in their heart.
Your children feel your love. That is the best gift!