May 7, 2013

No Greater Honor: The Woman's Role

With Asher home sick again- this time with Pink Eye- I wanted to write about Womanhood and Motherhood. As I was searching my files for my boys' birth story, I came across a talk that I had printed out and filed away almost 8 years ago. Some of it was highlighted and underlined and as I reread it, I realized why I had saved it. It hits on the important role of Mothers and of raising a new generation. Entitled "No Greater Honor: The Woman's Role" by N. Eldon Tanner, it was given at General Conference on Oct. 7, 1973. Even though this talkwas given even before I was born, it's teaching still remain true today and I love that. I love that 30 years from now, Elizabeth can print out a talk that Elder Bednar gave this past Conference and read it to her children.

N. Eldon Tanner says "From the beginning God has made it clear that woman is very special, and he has also very clearly defined her position, her duties and her destiny in the divine plan." I love how he says that women are VERY special. With the world today telling us that women are inferior, that their role in
the home is not as important as their role out in the world, and that children are a burden, it is good to hear affirmation of the importance of our role as women. "We must never forget that one of woman's greatest privileges, blessings, and opportunities is to be a co-partner with God in bringing his spirit children into the world." He continues: "As we enumerate the many important responsibilities a woman has in connection with her duties as a wife, a mother, a homemaker, a sister, a sweetheart, or a good neighbor, it should be evident that these challenging responsibilities can satisfy her need need to express her talents, her interests, her creativity, dedication, energy and skill which so many seek to satisfy outside the home."

I remember now why I printed and highlighted this talk. I was trying to come to the decision of really trying for a fourth baby, even though my twin boys were only 16 months at the time. I really wanted to write a book. After reading this talk, I put that desire on hold and put my Faith in God. Along came Asher, and I am oh so very thankful for him. What the Prophets teach are true. They stand the test of time. If we read and do what they say we will be blessed. Beyond Measure.

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