May 21, 2013

Boys Birthday, Part 1

Ethan and Jonah woke up to pancakes and oj, as requested by the pair of them. Later that morning they opened one present each. We usually wait until after dinner to open presents, but Jonah was student of the week and wanted to bring something to show his class, so they got to open something!

For dinner they requested stuffed crust pizza. I had to try 3 different places (on the phone) until I found Pizza Hut that does a fun one and it was a hit.

The boys knew exactly what kind of cake they wanted. Ethan wanted an Angel Food cake, with blueberries (and maybe other berries too?) and Jonah wanted a yellow bundt cake with strawberries. They were super easy to make, besides the fact that there were two of them, and they loved them.

Good choice, boys! Ethan- blowing out the candles!!

Jonah! 9 Candles!

 Opening Presents!!

 A big box of crafts! Perfect! Thanks, Grandma!

Ethan got rescue vehicles and finished them in 2 days! Love!

Ethan got super excited about this one, since it was on his "maybe" list.

In total, after spending most of their birthday money on nerf guns, they have 4 nerf guns and 1 nerf bow- enough for a good Nerf battle (if they don't lose all their ammunition in one week). 

Jonah got a microscope. He has had one before, but it broke and this one came with a lot more prepared slides he could check out!

Overall, a very successful birthday!


Joanie said...

Thanks for posting this...I felt like I was there! the boys look so happy...Did they get my cards with the jokes and $ ?

Pink Panda said...

They did- thank you and they LOVED the jokes! I heard each several times.