May 30, 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For...

Because you will probably get it! On my bucket list on this blog, I wrote that I wanted to no longer afraid of Dentists.

You can cross that one off my list, baby! I am no longer afraid of DENTISTS! Yes, I may still get nervous and a little squeamish at the smell of chemicals that hit you when you first walk in, but I do NOT dread, abhor or hate Dentists.

The sad thing is that I had to go see the Dentists quite a few times in order for this to happen. About six months ago, even though going to the Dentist on a frequent basis, I was told that I had 6 cavities. Ok. That's not too bad. I could do that. 

I got them all taken care of and the Dentist mentioned that if one started to hurt again, I would probably need a root canal (my fav!). I left, pushing that thought out of my mind. Three months later, I had a huge toothache and had completely forgotten about the Dentist's warning. I went right in and he said, yep, it's either one or two root canals (and it could be mucho dinero). I walked away stunned and shocked (I think I blogged about it).

The root canal went pretty smoothly and I was ready to move on with my life. Until I had pain and more pain. I went back to the Dentist and he ground the crown down. More pain, another visit, more grinding. More pain and the Dentist said "99% of the time the crown fits well. Yours hasn't and we have to re-do it."

Holy Ka-Moly. I was at least hopeful that the pain would end. Plus, they would do it for free and even upgrade it to a porcelain one. The morning of my appointment (Tuesday) I was nervous and snapped at the kiddos. I was worried they would have to pop the crown off (not knowing is rough) but they just ground it down. All in all, it went well. And the 7 hours I have spent at the Dentist these past couple of months have made me feel like the Dentist is my second home. I feel comfortable there- in my own skin- even though I may not like what they do.

No, I am no longer afraid of Dentists, but I don't want to see another one anytime soon.

Although maybe I should get that cavity taken care that he saw while he was working. 

Did you know that I have such a small mouth that often the dentist says "open wide... I mean open wide" when I have my mouth open the farthest possible. Josh, on the other hand, has such a large mouth that the dentists say "What a joy it is to work in your mouth." and he even had enough room for all of his wisdom teeth to come in! Our kids seem to have inbetween mouths.

**We are still looking forward to fostering! We are headed to California for a family reunion this next month and so it will be after that- eventually! I had hoped to be placed before school got out, but I now feel comfortable with whatever happens. As we have had a few successes in the process, my heart just leaps with joy and I'm excited to be

closer to getting a baby than ever before. 

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