April 9, 2013

Happy 34th Birthday, Josh!

Happy 34th Birthday, to my bearded/now not bearded Joshua!
I love being married to this guy and I love how strong a view on Marriage we both have!

We can't believe that he's 34! I'm a year and 4 months older than him, so it always seems like he is exactly the same age as me. He's just turning 34 now? What a young 'un! The kids think it's hilarious that I am older than him, since to them being older means being wiser and Dad is always the one who knows the answers to your questions/fixes things. (Asher once said, Mom you are not the boss, Dad is! Do you even know how to fix a bike tire?) 

Here are just a few things that Josh and I like to do together:

-Go to Barnes n Noble, Grab a few books we've been wanting to read/look good and sit down and read them together. I like to share everything I learn. Josh is patient with me and listens.

-Go to Barnes n Noble (again!), bring a board game and play while having a treat from the Cafe. 

-Go to In N Out, elbow our way into finding a seat and then eat and eat and eat! (I love In n Out!)

-Go to the Movies. Usually it's just the $2 movies unless we have a gift card, etc!

-Swim in the pool when all the kids are in bed.

-Go scorpion hunting together (in a black light they glow iridescent so we find them and spray them). Our highest count was 12 or 13 once. They freak me out but I like to be around Josh and he makes me feel protected!

-Watch random shows on Netflix: Foyle's War, Alfred Hitchcock, Studio C, you name it.

-Read together. We'll take turns reading a good article or family history. It's fun!

-Go to the Temple. We try to go at least once a month and then sometimes get a treat after! We really love going!

-Do Creative Dates. We'll see up a Movie Theater in the van and do fun board games as well.

I don't know why  I wanted to write about what we do together, but I want you to know that I love spending time with this man! He is funny, kind, happy, wise, brilliant, talented, dashing (with or without the beard) and I am so glad to have him in my life! Happy Birthday, Babe!

-Also, thank you to all of those who read Elizabeth first blog posts and commented on them! She was thrilled to see comments on her posts!


Larissa Nelson said...

Happy Birthday again Josh! Meg - you have a great guy! Good job!

Hilary said...

cute! what is Elizabeth's blog? I didn't know about it.