April 24, 2013

Going Gluten Free (this week)

Hard Boiled eggs are gf- right? I love the smile on Asher! He has been without 2 front teeth for 4 months now and finally one is peeking out!

Today is Day 4 of our going Gluten-free for a week challenge. I had talked with a few friends at the school about how helpful/easy it was for their children to go gluten free (although one of them is allergic to gluten and one is diabetic). I also talked to my sister Larissa, who has friends with kids who have really benefited from a gluten free lifestyle.

With my boys being hyper/full of super energy and Jonah still working on finding a good medicine for his ADD (although he is adjusted finally to his current one) I thought I would try it out!

I mean, why not? After several weeks of trying to attempt it- I was busy/it was testing week and the teachers were handing out snacks/I was busy- I sat down one day during a quiet testing hour at school and wrote out a week's worth of gf meals and snacks.

What I have learned so far is this: it is more expensive to eat gf (which I suspected). It's a little more time consuming as you have to spend more time in the kitchen and prepping for meals. The kids love, love, love having new foods to try in their lunches (sometimes it's a hit, sometimes not so much). Yesterday Asher even said "I can't wait until lunch time" which he has only said on a few other occasions. I am guilty of making the same 2 or 3 lunches and I have learned that it is good to buy them a new treat/fruit/dessert/main dish a few times a week.

I haven't seen any big changes in behavior yet. Yesterday after school went super well- they did their homework/practiced piano/went swimming but I can't tell if they just got it all done because they were motivated to go swimming. Probably. Whatever works! Yesterday morning Ethan and Jonah were up to their usual antics (someone got hurt). This morning was ok- Ethan was hyper even after losing some sleep. We'll see how this afternoon goes, although it's busy with Scouts and Activity Days. 

Wish us luck!

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