March 19, 2013

Spring Break!

Our Spring Break was last week (Arizona does it super early!). We stayed home for half the week and then headed to California to stay with my Grandma and then my brother for a couple of days each. The trip went well and we enjoyed seeing everyone! We kicked off our great vacation with a visit from my cousin Heather and her cute family from Washington. So good to see her! The rest of this post is filled with pics of family, so feel free to skip this post if you want to! (btw, Josh had to stay home for a Conference he was in charge of so I drove the 6 hours there all by myself. Even though our DVD player broke after the first 2 hours into it, the kids did amazingly well (thanks to a good downloaded book) and the drive went smoothly both ways- blessings! There may be many more trips to California in our future!

(My cousin Heather and her cute little baby girl)
Grandma Betty playing checkers with nephew Cash

Larissa, Gma Betty (she turned 89 on last Monday!), Mom, Dad, Christine, Fox, Amy and Tommy. They were not happy to stop eating and smile for the camera!
The 12 cousins who were there! They had tons of fun playing games and eating ice cream cones!

Making Silly Faces

More of the kids.
Grandma with her birthday cake!

Grandma blowing out (not 89) candles!

Lots of playing in the backyard- Jonah!

Croquette with Grandma


I didn't take any pictures at Tommy's except a few on my phone but we had a great time spending time together and even went to the beach (although it was cloudy and cold!). And there you have it! A fun, fun, fun Spring Break!

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