March 29, 2013

Good Friday

A painting at the Mesa Temple's Visitor's Center. Don't you just love it?

We've had a rough pink eye week: first Jonah, then Ethan and now Elizabeth. They trade off and overlap days of missing school. I have been home most of this week. Elizabeth wrote her first blog post about it on her new blog. You can check it out at:

We had our foster caseworker E. over to see our new house and let us know what changes we need to make to pass our home inspection. He left us with a long list of things to do (move the rocks under the pool fence, lower the water temp, lock up anything that says 'keep away from children') and I started to feel a bit overwhelmed. I am excited to be moving forward though!

Our home is Maryland is back on the market. Our buyer walked away. Hopefully it will go better this time, since we know exactly what the bank wants to get for the home.

Josh and I went to see the Mesa Temple Pagent in Spanish for date night. It was muy bueno and I enjoyed chatting with a few ladies in Spanish. I never get to use my Spanish so I take any chance I can get it! We also stopped by the Visitor's Center and saw the Liz Lemon art show. So neat!

Life is good. Josh was gone for a few days this week to Atlanta, Georgia for a pretty cool technology Conference. It's neat that he gets to do fun things sometimes. We're excited for Easter. It seems to have rushed up on us but Easter is always a special time of year. This year I've had the chance to teach the 12-13 yr old girls in Church all month about the Atonement, about having Faith and the Resurrection. What better way to remember Him, than to teach of Him.

The Supreme Court this week held hearings in defense of Same Sex Marriage. Such a big case to hear on such an important subject. Some good thoughts on the subject can be found on my Father-in-laws blog: Have a Happy Easter Weekend!

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