February 19, 2013


 This is from January, but it is the kid's first Running Club meet. Ethan is sandwiched between two kids in red and Jonah is in red wearing the gray cap (it does get cold here!).

I know that many of you are super busy and  usually are. Now I REALLY, truly know that. My new calling in the Young Womens and having an aide at school that quit all of a sudden (subbing opportunities) has kicked my busy-ness into full gear. And I'm not even in the Young Women Presidency, whom I know do a lot, lot more.

In the past two weeks, we've had New Beginnings (a big activity for all Young Women coming in), a kidnapping-breakfast of all current and turning 12 this year new Young Women (15 of them), Zumba, and a putting up and taking down of American Flags on President's Day. Phew. There's even Baptisms for the Dead tomorrow (which I can't go to) and a Youth Leader Hike on Saturday.

Add to that Pinewood Derby Prep (although Josh is doing all of that), Valentines Day Sugar Rushes and Kindergarten Subbing. Oh, my. Couples BUNCO and a routine Dr. appt. for Elizabeth followed by informal teacher visits for Jonah (I sent in Silly Putty for him to use in class to concentrate better) and kids home all day Monday.

Actually, I've been trying to keep busy. It sounds like I lot but I've been doing well. I've been signing up for as much sub jobs as possible and volunteering as much as I can. I can't WAIT until we can continue with our foster care process and I figured that the busier I was, the faster the time would fly by.

And it's worked. 10 more days and we're reopening our file with AAFC. It's been a long five/six months, but I've learned some things. I've learned how badly I really I want to do foster care. Through tearful waiting pains and much needed blessings, I've learned that maybe the baby that is meant for our family wasn't ready six months ago. I might have not been ready before but I am now.

 My sweet friend in our Church ward was just placed with a 2 day old infant girl in foster care and I am so thrilled for her. We hope to have them over for dessert and get some tips!

Until then, I am subbing and subbing, watching Psych, cleaning, organizing, practicing hard piano music for the Easter program and making plans for Spring Break (2nd week of March). And to those of you who have ever worked with the Young Women, or even the children, in Church. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I now realize the many hours of work and dedication it takes to pull off a Youth/Child program in the Church. It's amazing what you do!

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