February 25, 2013

Crazy Western Day

 Jonah, Ethan and Asher dressed up for Crazy Western Day

Elizabeth, dressed up too!

  Last week I was a Kindergarten Teacher for 3 days. I was worn out at the end! Some funny 5 year old sayings I heard over those 3 days:

"Teacher, are cowboy Princesses real because she says they are and I say they aren't."
Student with their head down: "Teacher, how long do we have to put our heads down and be quiet?"
"Teacher, he kissed me on the arm."
"Teacher, can you build a wall of wood right here (pointing to her desk) because he's bothering me!"
A note passed to another student said  "i don lick you" The receiver loudly proclaims "I don't lick you? I don't lick you? What is this?"
"Teacher, I need a nap!" (me too)
Me: "Boys and Girls, put your heads down."
A girl: "Oh, thank you, teacher! I needed a rest."
"Teacher, how many books are we gonna read?" (after reading 2 picture books)
"Teacher, our teacher doesn't say that, she says this."

In the 21+ hours that I spent in Kindergarten, I learned patience and resilience. I laughed and I almost cried. I received a heart lollipop, 2 snacks, 1 Valentine and many hugs. I cleaned two tiny toilets, sent 4 kids to the nurse and had Calendar time. I taught basic math and basic writing and basic reading. And I realized- it takes a special person to teach Kindergarten. And I don't think I am one of them.

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Hilary said...

I think you are! I bet you were awesome with those kids.