January 20, 2013

On the Horizon.

Looking ahead:

My sister Amy and family are in Texas visiting his side of the family. They are coming through Arizona on their way back to California and are stopping by here! I am so excited! I hope to convince them to stay for another day as well!

Today, in Church, I got released as a Nursery Leader and called as a Beehive Advisor (working with the 12 and 13 year old girls). I'm super excited as I haven't worked with the Young Women before. I have worked with a few of them during a few sub jobs and they are a joy to work with! I'll miss my sweet Nursery kids! Wednesday Activity Nights and Girls Camp Here I Come! :)

Foster Care. Here's another blog I found from a girl who is fostering 3 little ones ages 4 and under (and is LDS too!):

Adventures of S & L

Finally, it's gotten warmer!!! It was about 29-32 degrees all day for 2 weeks and we were freezing! One thing is that Arizona is not prepared for colder weather and so the windows in our home are really old and let the cold in. That's normally fine, but now when it gets cold! Well, it seems winter has come and gone and we are back to the 70's at 4 pm. Thank Goodness!

Asher has finally learned to ride a 2 wheeler! Hurray! Every he would get on, he would fall off and would not get back on again. On Saturday I encouraged him to give it a try and then went to do something. While I was in the kitchen, Jonah came up and said "Asher's riding, Mom! Come look!" I went out and sure enough! He was! Apparently Jonah told him how to straddle the bike, set up the pedals and just go! I was impressed! And impressed that Jonah taught him. Jonah was able to use that as a personal story in his talk at Church the next day.

Ok. That's it for now. I'll leave you with another FUN blog I found and one that has an adoption/foster care author.

Or So She Says

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