November 20, 2012

Boys Christmas List + Thankful List

A forgotten post (left to decay in the annals of my posts, until I rescued it and posted it here). My Gratitude List:
2. Healthy Kids
3. A wonderful newish job for Josh
4. A fun part time job for me
5. My friends
6. My family
7. Arizona
8. Diamond jewelry
9. Mazda Miatas
10. Babies
11. Cooler weather
12. Simple e-mails received
13. A hug from a Kindergartner
14. Forgiving someone
15. Setting Goals
16. Seeing my kids grow.
17. Christmas prep.

The other day I googled best toys for 9 year old boys. I was led to and found some of the coolest toys! Later, the boys went on by themselves and wrote a list. It was really cute. On it they made a column for the things Ethan wants for Christmas, the things Jonah wants, and the things they both want. It was fun to see what they like together and separately. Of course, Asher made a list for himself too.

Here's what they wrote:

Awesome origami
Headlamp "blue"- that's what he wrote!
treasure box robot

Head lamp "red"
Micro micro scope

Stomp rocket Jr.- Glow in the dark
Big Bag of Science
Tin-can robot
Rubik's cube
Whoopee Cushion
Nesting robot
Large slinky
Binoculars "red"
Large slinky
Scope It Out

Umbrella hat

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Amber said...

What fun Christmas lists, I laughed at the umbrella hat! Too cute.