October 24, 2012

Camping in the Desert!

 Looking Down from Pass Mountain

 Last weekend, we went camping at Usery Mountain. I've been wanting to go camping for a while now and we waited until it was a little cooler. The weather was in the 90's and it got cool at night so it was a good time to go! We drove a good 20 min. east and found our site. After camping in Maryland for 4 years, camping in the Desert was a little bit different! It was just dessert, full of cacti and bugs, with some dirt smoothed down and rocks put up as barriers between camp sites.

As we were setting up for dinner, I found a scorpion in a brown bag of food. Luckily I did not get stung! We couldn't tell if it climbed in from the desert floor or if we brought it from home with us. Ugh! Later that evening, on a walk, we saw a big tarantula (pic on my big camera). I had never seen one in the wild and it was pretty freaky!

We had dinner, smores, a story around the campfire and had lots of fun! In the morning, we headed out for what turned out to be a BIG hike. Josh and the kids had done it before but I hadn't. I wasn't planning on a big hike, but I went for it. What Josh said was a 2 hr hike turned out to be a 3 hour hike with lots of switch backs and lots of heat and people. But it was fun! We ran into Ethan's (and Elizabeth's past) teacher Mrs. Stenson on the way down and the kids loved that!

 The 3 boys and I at the top!
 A lone Saguaro Cactus.

 Asher conquering the rock! (with Ethan behind!)

 Jonah and Asher.(They didn't actually have to climb up the rock, it was right next to the trail on a switchback ahead. We got a lot of these pictures!)

 Ethan sitting and Jonah standing. The sky was lovely that day!

 Our good hikers! They hiked for 3 hours, without anyone breaking down in tears or needing a ride on our backs! Asher, at 6, was super impressive and kept going and going, often leading the pack!

 "Check out that thing over there!" Asher is saying.

 The Mountain up close.

The road leading to the Mountain. These pictures are not in order, but I love this one! We came home tired and happy!

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