September 17, 2012

Elizabeth is 10!!!

 I am substituting all week this week at the kid's school, working with one child in Special Ed. What a great way to celebrate Elizabeth's DOUBLE DIGIT Birthday by being at her school- seeing her in the hallway (possibly), eating lunch with her (if my schedule overlaps with hers) and walking home with her (and the boys).

Lately, I've been taking the time to notice Elizabeth. Do you know how beautiful she is? I may be biased, but she is! She has these beautiful, big red lips and these giant, pure blue eyes. Her laugh is contagious, happy and fun. She is a wonderful sister- playing card games, board games, wii games, swimming pool games with the boys. And yet, she loves time with her girl friends by herself. She is having a few close friends over for a swim party on Saturday. She made the invitations almost all by herself and is super excited about it.

But, mostly she's excited about being 10. She's growing up- learning more about the world, caring about what her friends think, doing more at school, growing and changing. And yet, she is still my sweet girl.

She loves:

-Littlest Pet Shop
-Animals: dogs, cats, fish, snakes
-Babies. At a party last week, she went up to each baby there, smiling and cooing.
-Having time by herself, to read, finish homework, etc.
- When piano practice time is over and it's gone well and she's not nervous about it anymore.
- The color blue (no longer pink!).
-Playing games on the computer/phone.
-Learning new things. She and Josh discuss new subjects and she loves it.
-Anything Harry Potter. She and Josh are reading each book together at night and are on the 5th one.
-Being a Dad's girl!

Happy 10th Birthday, Elizabeth! You are a beautiful, warm, fun, loving, wonderful daughter. How did I get so lucky to be your Mom?

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Joanie said...

I agree 100% times a million! Elizabeth is the sweetest thing! We love watching her grow...