July 9, 2012

We are Moving!!!

Our new rental home. It's similar to my home growing up!

The front room. These are all the pictures I took! :(

Have I mentioned that on here yet? If some of my posts have been disorganized, or if I've repeated pictures, I'm sorry. My mind is in a lot of different places right now.

Yep, we're moving. This Saturday! To a home less than a mile away from here, right next to the kid's school, complete with a pool and a big yard! We are super excited about it. Here's how it came about (if you don't know already).

Once the heat hit in May, I decided that we were paying too much to not have a pool at our house. If you can swim 9 months out of the year, why not have a pool? Plus, the community pools are all tied to schools and are only open in June and July of the summer. So that means no swimming in August which is the hottest part of the year or September or October (which is possible here!).

I started looking around and didn't really find anything better than what we already had. Plus, to foster, the law is that there has to be a fence around the pool as well and I found a few homes I liked but the pools had no fence. That was a no go. Finally, in the second week of June, I found something I REALLY liked! It was super close to the kids school (which since we are moving there, we are sending the kids back to their old school and not a Charter School), it had a pool and it had great space.

But, it had a July 1st move in date and Josh and I were not ready for that! We decided to wait a few months. Then, we got a letter from our landlords stating that they were upping the rent by A LOT. That made the decision for us! I called about the home right after that and it was still available! They agreed on a July 15th move in date and we took it! Our contract here runs until the end of July but since we have a family reunion, we can't move at the end of July. The middle of July it is!

We are excited, but it has been a lot work getting everything ready. We have to push back our foster/adopt certification until our new home is unpacked and livable but that's okay (we hope to be certified by Sept). We are sad to be leaving friends in our Church ward but are glad that our kids will still go to the same school and have their same friends.

And that, my friends, is the story of our move. We hope, hope, hope to be in that home until the sale of our house in Maryland goes through and then buy a home here. Whether it will have a pool, or not, we shall see!

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.

ps- If anyone needs a 4 bedroom 3 bath home in our area, let me know- it's still up for grabs!

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Foxphi@hotmail.com said...

Ooh--I love the arch leading from the room! I think a 1 story house is better with a baby, anyways! Can't wait to see more pics!
Love you!