February 20, 2012

National Bubble Gum Day

I found out that I don't really have the patience of a good photographer. As I was trying to take pics of the kids (on the day after Feb 3rd- National Bubble Gum Day) blowing bubbles with their gum, I missed quite a few which would have been really good. If only I had waited- camera poised, finger ready. Oh, well! The kids had a blast blowing bubbles.

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Amy said...

Very cool! I think it's so fun to celebrate those National something Days! Does Josh get the day off for President's Day?

Joanie said...

Great PHOTOS! You are good!!!!!!!!!!!
I did not know it was National Gum Chewing Day. Glad you are up on such things. You are a fun mom!

Larissa said...

Yes Cute pics! You have to do the option where you can shoot several in a row (action shot) and then you have better lucky since our kids move so darn fast!