February 4, 2012


My husband didn't know what to think of my weepy post. I told him it's just hormones. No worries. Thank you so much for your comment, dear Reader-who-has-been-lurking. Knowing that my trials have helped someone else is really a comfort to me. Sometimes there is purpose to pain.

As I mentioned Thursday, it was 11 years ago that Josh and I met. We were both BYU students- I was finishing up with my degree in El. Education with a goal to get married before I was done (poor, unsuspecting Josh) and he was in his first semester back from a mission to Recife, Brazil and definitely planning on taking his full last two years to find a wife.

We met at a surprise birthday party that Sunday afternoon and ran into each other again in the evening at a casual hangout. He tossed out a joke about red heads and apologized for offending me. I was not offending seeing as I was a blonde. (although I learned later that if you don't leave blonde hair dye in long enough you get a reddish hue. Anyways.)

I laughed at a joke in Spanish and he was impressed that I had served a mission in Spain. I searched him out on Tuesday, asking to borrow a Thesaurus (not much online then) and on Thursday he asked me out on a group date- if front of another man- and the rest is history. Happy History! :)

This subbing has been made run late for a few things and miss a few details here and there. I guess when add something to your plate when it's already full, a few things may fall off! Good thing they are not the important things!

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.

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