February 13, 2012


Impetigo (Im-pe-ty-go) has struck our household and hit Asher-boy. Sorry, Lariss, if your kiddos get it! It showed up under Asher's bottom lip on Friday and I sent him to school, figuring it was a cold sore. When it was bigger and goopy on Sunday, we knew we needed to get it checked out. And just when I had a BIG week planned!

I took him to urgent care this morning and one hr later and a prescription for cream and a day off of school, we were off to the store to pick up the cream and then home for a day full of tv and laundry.

Sometimes life just happens. Let's hope he gets better for Valentines Day tomorrow! His Valentines are already done and packed in his backpack (not the other kids though!).

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Hilary said...

every parent should have that cream on hand. we use it all the time for various infections, usually before they get out of hand. hold onto it!