January 25, 2012


image from parenting.com and smitten kitten- mashed banana, chocolate chips between tortillas, dusted with powdered suger- yum!!!

It's 10:41 am and I am sitting in a quiet house. The dryer is going, a load has already been folded, my favorite tv show watched, the dog is asleep by the sofa chair and I am on my own. It threatened to not be this way this morning.

At 6 am my alarm went off and at 6:02 am the Gilbert Public Schools called with a sub assignment. I picked up the phone and hung it up right away. I subbed half a day yesterday and while yesterday I thoroughly welcomed the change and reason to get out of the house, this morning I didn't even want to know!

I let the kids sleep in as much as they wanted since they have been being pills and I think it's lack of sleep that's causing it. Jonah and Elizabeth slept in until 7:11 am- which is 30 min late for them. I planned on being late to school but when the time came that we really would be late, I hurried them them into the car.

Why? I have no idea. Is it because I have to be on time? Am I a perfectionist? Who knows! The kids were already lined up when we got to school and I was stressed! No more sleeping in for the kids! I avoid stress like the plague!

Elizabeth stayed home with a hurt ankle and a Dr. appointment but seeing her jump on the mini trampoline earned her a ticket back to school. As she climbed into the car she said "Can we walk to school?" Uh???

So far this week I've learned that I hate it when everyone leaves on a Monday morning, off to their own appointments and duties and I am left at home with the gym and laundry and shopping calling. I love it when they leave on Tuesday.

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.

ps- I've ordered an new usb cord and it will be here tomorrow! And yes, my computer is so old it has no memory slots in it! We plan to get a new computer after we pay off all the things that need paying off of! :)

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Larissa said...

You are funny. Sounds like a nice day (besides rushed morning!). I want to make that tortilla for breakfast! Yum!