January 11, 2012

Tom Cruise!

I feel like doing a somewhat silly post today. As you may know, I turned 34 a couple of weeks ago and Tom Cruise was kind enough to open his latest- and I'm sure last- sequel of Mission Impossible the day after my birthday. Because of Christmas craziness, we weren't able to go see it until last weekend. So, for our Friday night date night, we left a kind and sweet 12 year old girl with our 4 rambunctious kids (and one funny dog) and went out for a little Panda Express and Tom Cruise. Swoon!

I have to say, I adored Tom Cruise when I was younger. I thought he was smokin' in Top Gun (didn't we all?), Days of Thunder, Rainman, Cocktail (I think I only watched half of that one), Far and Away (so awesome!), Interview with a Vampire (kinda creepy), not the Firm (but I wanted to watch it) and who can forget Jerry McGuire which came out the year I graduated High School ('96) and I saw the edited version of at the WILK at BYU! Swoon, again!

I have since fallen for a blonder, smarter man who will never be replaced, but as I sat in the huge theater, with the lights dim, holding my husband's hand, and the Mission Impossible music following a brightly lit fuse, I was transported back to 1996- when my whole future was open to my taking and Tom Cruise was the Star on the Screen.

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.

p.s. Katie Holmes, you can have him!
p.p.s If you were born quite a few years after me (since now all 20 yr olds were 4 when this movie first came out) go check these flicks on Netflix! You'll love them!
p.p.p.s Ethan's name may or may not have been influenced by the making of Mission Impossible. Just sayin'.

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Joanie said...

In a recent questionnaire (in Relief Society, no less, in preparation for the big chocolate fest), one question was "Who do you think is the most handsome movie star?" I wrote Tom Cruise. My favorite movie with him is "Knight and Day". Uh, the Jerry McGuire movie has a very R scene that pops up on you with no warning, just a warning. But again...Knight and Day! See it!