January 27, 2012

It's Friday!

It's Friday! What are you going to do this weekend? Tonight Josh are and I are going to a J. Reuben Clark Law Society Fireside at the Institute at ASU. He's going for some intellectual stimulation. I'm mostly going to get a break from the kids and be with him! Saturday I may sleep in a little until my hair looks like this! We're doing chores, the kids are going to Stake Softball and I'm going to our Stake Relief Society meeting and luncheon. Someone important is speaking-not sure who. We are also going to dinner at Josh's faculty director's home. They have 2 kids so it should be good!

We've been watching Season 2 of Downton Abbey and loving it. Will Mary marry Matthew? Will he get hurt in the war? I can't wait! I love the setting, the music-everything. Our tv only gets 7 channels and they are not pbs nor Fox for American Idol. And now that Josh is bringing home a pay check, we added a few more bills (repairs on the house in Md, etc) and suddenly we are as empty handed going in as we were coming out. Such is life. Happy Weekend everyone!

This is my blog. my name is Megan Abbott.

ps.I subbed all day in fifth grade yesterday and it went really well. Someone saw me and grabbed me for next Wednesday as well- I'm thrilled to be working a little!


Fox and Amy said...

Meg-I really really love this picture! Fox and I watched all of Downton Season 2 on sidereel, so I know the answers to your questions-mwahaha! Love ya!

Joanie said...

OK..Meg, this picture is a winner. Save it and enter it into contest!!!!!!!!! It has much merit, artistically!

Love ya, too!