January 18, 2012

Family History- a new hobby!

So, the other day I was looking at the sidebar of my blog that has my bucket list. On it is to find a new hobby. I set out to find one! On Saturday we went fishing with the kids. Could this be a new hobby for me? I wondered.

As minutes went by without catching a thing, I realized that I had no patience for it. I googled hobbies and found whittling pipes, quilting, gardening, etc. All things that take patience. Which I don't have a lot of. I put it to a matter of prayer and left it at that.

That evening, Josh and I went to the Temple and were sealed for Magdalena Cera and John Drewa- my last card that I had printed out to do Temple Work with (she is my great Aunt on my Grandpa's side) and I knew. Family History is to be my new hobby.

I had to search through 5 unopened boxes to find my family history binders, but find them I did!
(I also found our bathroom scale in one of them- who packed that box??) I am so excited! I was talking to my Mom last night and she mentioned learning how to read Polish lettering on familysearch.org. I thought that familysearch.org was a thing of the past and new.familysearch.org was the place to go.

I was so wrong! I went to familysearch.org, checked on learn and I learned that you can find new information about your ancestors in just 5 minutes on familysearch.org. Many census records are all recorded online now. Within 2 more minutes I had a census record for Patrick James Hulihan, my Great Grandfather and his family. It was amazing.

I am so excited to use some of the extra time that I have now that the kids are in school to do some family history. I am excited to go to the temple that is so close to us and to do the work for my ancestors. Let me know what you know or what you may need help with, and we'll work at getting it done!

Family History- I am doing it!!

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.

Look to your ancestors and live!

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Larissa said...

I wish I had more time for that now so glad you are excited about it! So funny how last night I spent a few hours on it and was thinking I wish I could do more - glad you were inspired!!!!!