December 2, 2011

Things You May Not Know About Me, part 2

Entering California a week ago!

1. I love Banana Chips.

2. We get a Christmas ornament each year with the year on it. Sometimes it has our picture in it and sometimes not.

3. I love watching Frasier on Neflix. I thought I would get tired of it. I haven't!

4. I LOVE circus peanuts (you know- that orange peanut candy that tastes like Bananas).

5. I love baking cinnamon rolls, banana bread and homemade pizza and wish I did it a lot more often!

6. I love Stephens Hot Chocolate. I was really cold for the first time in 4 months yesterday and had a cup of it- Heaven!

7. I love Sees Candy, Lindt (the red, plain kind but anything will do!) and Godiva.

8. I love getting mail and will sometimes send letters just to get letters back.

9. I had a black and white kitten once named mittens since it paws were white when I was little.

10. I thought Breaking Dawn was too scary but I am going to see it again tonight!

11. I love Halloween, Valentines Day and Christmas, not necessarily in that order.

12. We now have 8 am Church. And Christmas is on a Sunday! Uh!

13. A good "Uh!!" can take the place on a swear word.

14. I am sensitive to smells and can barely wear perfume without it giving me a headache. I have had to choose between smelling good and having a headache or not and sometimes I have chosen the headache!

15. I like going for walks by myself (and with the kids).

16. I love sending Christmas Cards out and will be doing so soon! :)

17. I wear a size 8 or 8 1/2 shoe.

18. I really like shoes and have quite a few, but I only wear a couple.

19. I hate making phone calls. I would rather e-mail or facebook than call someone. I am working on this.

20. I love, love, love In N Out. If you are going, call me and I'll come with you! No problem!

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.

p.s. 23 more days until Christmas!!!


Joanie said...

Love this! I love learning more and more about my sweet daughter. It also makes me wonder about myself...what do people not know about me? You are inspiring me, Megan, to make a list or 2! Thanks!

Missa said...

You know, I think of you every time I drive around our town. We have both a See's candy and an In-N-Out. Maybe you could come visit them sometime. :)
PS I love shoes too.

Larissa said...

Yes it is always fun to read little facts although I think I knew most of them! Did you know on Sunday we only have Sacrament meeting and no other meetings (from General Presidency) so thats nice and the kids will prob be up early anyway with excitement! We do the Xmas ornament too every year, but Jons mom usually gets ours!

Fox and Amy said...

Yay--I love all the little facts, too. You are the only person I know with such love for circus peanuts! I'm sorry I haven't sent you any mail back...I'm a bad sister. But soon! Love you!