December 6, 2011


Last week I got an e-mail about an ad for a dog that I had posted on Craigslist earlier. I asked for a picture and when I saw her, I wasn't sure so we wanted her. When we had first decided that our family needed a dog (it all started with a trip to the Puppy Store at the Mall) I had wanted a small, blonde and brown dog. A purebred. A dog that would sit on my lap and that I could cuddle and coddle.

The dog we went to see on Saturday was not that kind of dog. It was black and white, a mix of a cocker spaniel (which I adore) and border collie. She was not a puppy- she was almost 4 years old. We had to take all the kids with us to see her and at the sight of so many of us, she peed her pants. Literally. Not a good sign for me. She was running all around- super excited to see new people. Again, not what I was expecting. At all. I kept my distance and let the kids pet her and Josh get to know her. We'll have to look again, I thought.

And then 15 minutes passed and I saw how happy Josh and the kids were. There was a prayerful moment passed and something happened. The owner mentioned that she had not had a bath for 6 months and I took notice of the dread locks on her legs- the hair matted and thick. Poor girl, I thought. And I knew that I wanted to take her home and take care of her and never let her go. She was ours. We were hers.

We told the owner we would think about it and as we left, I felt torn. Torn that we had to go and she had to stay. The next day, Sunday, she came to live with us. Since then our house hasn't been the same!

She is a sweet, sweet dog- full of energy, stamina and intelligence since she is part Border Collie part Spaniel. She never barks unless she sees another dog. She likes to go on walks 3 times a day and thrush out birds in the bushes. She wags her tail a lot and whimpers when the kids go to school. She is beautiful, she is kind and she is ours. Our Sadie.

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.

p.s. Yes, our snake's name is Sadie too. She doesn't know that though since she doesn't have ears. We may change her name. We'll see.

--Happy St. Nicholas Day! What did St. Nick leave you?


Jen said...

She looks like a darker version of our dog, Cinnamon, though apparantly a completely different mix. Plus Cinnamon barked--a lot. I hope you enjoy her bunches and bunches.

Larissa said...

Aww -yeah opposite of what you wanted, gentle, short haired, easy, etc (: BUT this dog looks so happy and loving! She will tale a lot more work (have you tried brushing her out yet - may just have to shave her!) but with more work comes more love! Looking forward to chatting with you about her!