November 21, 2011

One more

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Ok. One more blog post about this past couple of weeks, and then I am done. In the midst of this trial, I had a dream. In it we had moved close to the Kleinmans and the Andersons and Ellen and Jason were visiting with their two kids. There was bread dough rising on the counter and I was tickling their baby boy, who was about one, and making him laugh. I laughed and people were in awe of how happy I was. I was truly happy and I realized- there is more to life than just ourselves.

We are entwined with all the people we love- mostly family. I saw MaryRuth, her hair up in a long ponytail, and gave her a big hug. This week Diane Hill, my visiting teacher, came and brought us a banana cream pie. People in your ward can act as your surrogate family. They can love you, watch over you and make you happy.

From this dream, this is what I know: We feel our Savior's Love when we spend time with our families, when we serve others unselfishly and when we use our talents for good (baking pizza, bread, cinnamon rolls). We feel of His love when we care about others, when we put others before our own selves.

This past week I have felt His love as a Visiting Teacher who was completely unaware of the situation called to say she had been thinking of me and asked how I was. I felt His Love as an Elders Quorum President took an hour away from his own family to administer to ours. I felt His Love as Josh held me in his arms.

I felt His love as Josh's Parents expressed their great love for me and as many friends and family members sent their love through e-mail, blog comments and phone calls. I felt His love from a single, thoughtful e-mail right before our last ultrasound. I felt His Love in the embrace of a sweet sister who lost a small one at 18 weeks along. I felt His Love as my Parents drove over 6 hrs to come and help support, lift and strengthen our family. I don't know if we could have made it without them.

And now that I have been filled with His love, through others, I am touched and humbled and I want to give back. I want to reach out and touch someone else's life, with His love. And what better time to do it than this Holiday season? I know He lives. I have felt His Hand in my life. I know He loves each and everyone of us. We are so special to Him. And of this I am THANKFUL.

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.

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