November 3, 2011

My First Kiss...

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from Ethan (since he was a toddler). Happened Friday evening Oct. 28th 2011, 5:45 pm. Right before dinner. The frozen pizzas were cooking in the oven (yep- frozen!) and I had just finished reading a book about Mommies to Asher. Ethan came up, squeezed in and started reading it to me. "Some Mommies drive a minivan (me!). Some Mommies drive a motorcycle (not me, but it was established I did ride one once). All mommies like to hang out with their kids (me!) . All Mommies like to kiss and hug their kids." I proclaimed "I do too!" and proceeded to give him a big kiss and hug.

Ethan shyly said "I haven't kissed anyone. Ever." This is my 7 year old speaking. It was true. Except Jonah when they played the game "let's-kiss-on-the-lips-to-be-silly" game when they were four.

"You can kiss me!" I proclaimed. Promptly and admirably. And he did. He leaned over and planted one right on my cheek and then I knew.

It had been a long, long time!

Elizabeth gives me kisses all the time. Asher too. Just not the twins. I hadn't really noticed.

I saw Jonah, who was timidly watching our interaction and I knew he hadn't kissed me either! I tried to encourage him and he wouldn't do it. He wasn't ready.

And that one kiss? It was one of those moments. Those moments in your day, your week, your life, where you stop and say "This. This is why I became a Mom and I love it."

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Larissa said...

Aww cute story. Question - do the boys let you kiss them often? If you don't maybe kiss them more and they will kiss you back more - hmm but I am sure that won't last long anyway as they get older so soon!

Pink Panda said...

I kiss them goodnight every night. I've seen Ethan open up a lot more since then. He lets me hug him and cuddle a little now. I love it! Jonah- I'm still working on! I think it's because they were preemies and I couldn't hold them for 3 days and even then it couldn't be for more than a few minutes.

Pink Panda said...

Good idea though! I'll try kissing them in the morning too!