November 8, 2011

It was Friday!

me. bored in photography class. practicing on my hand.

The other day we went to the Temple, Josh and I. We drove and I sat up front (where else would I sit?) snacking on Tropical Trail Mix from the Wal-marts and drinking Grape Propel from my favorite (and only) pink water bottle. Now, where is this story going? Well, I'll tell you.

We parked in my favorite spot- on 2nd street, across the street and right in front of the small side gate (well, almost right in front- someone actually was parked in my favorite spot so this was my second favorite spot) and this was after several debates on whether we should actually try a different spot this time.

The air smelled like a bird had died and gone to Heaven- which if it did, being close to the Temple was probably the best place. The weather was gorgeous- a mild 72 and the people were friendly- smiling at us as though we were friends even though we are really strangers. That's usually how it goes at the Temple.

We enjoyed lengthy session where we saw the sweet lady in a wheelchair who goes at the exact same time we go (sporting lovely new bronze nail polish and a fresh haircut) and I thought to myself "I want to be like her when I grow up. Still painting my nails (or having someone else paint them) and getting my hair did. Oh, and attending the temple every Friday morning at 9:30 am on the dot. Amazing."

We treated ourselves to some lovely refreshments afterwards in the Cafeteria- because treats after the temple are always superb. I had the half-frozen-but-still-delicious giant creme puff (I love those things!). Josh had the tapioca. (tapioca? Really? Just kidding- it was good!) We stopped by Deseret Book where I ran in, tried to ignore the Christmas Music blaring from it's speakers, grabbed a hard cover Book of Mormon for my new Scripture Study (it's a get-a-new-copy-and-fill-it-with-color-and-ideas program) and we were on our way home, checking e-mails, phone messages (for any job offers that may have occurred while at the Temple), and making calls. Isn't lovely how we can take our home office anywhere we go?

And yes, you can thank me for not mentioning anything about Justin Beiber or Kim Kardhashian.

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.

ps. Amy, do you want me to send you some of our Halloween candy to you in Japan? We have entirely too much of it!

pps. Does anyone know how The Adjustment Bureau ends? Our copy from the library had so many scratches and after lathering it up with scope toothpaste like Google recommended, it still did not work and had to be returned. Do they or do they not end up together???!!!???

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Larissa said...

What a great day! Oh the ending is the best part - THEY DO end up together in the weird in between time world...