November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Elizabeth as a cat girl!

Josh was a soccer Hooligan and I was a Twilight fan- on Edwards' side (I'm usually on Jacob's. Ok. I switch back and forth- I'm a fair weather fan!)

Ethan as a zombie, night stalker

Jonah as a vampire!

Asher as Spiderman!

All 4 kiddos

Along with candy, someone passed out these cool glasses. The kids loved them! They also got mini pumpkin slinkies, a clip on a bag of pretzels, some stretchy mice (which Asher slept with last night!) and some granola bars.

I was not feeling so great so I handed the camera over to Josh and he took these great shots of the kids! Halloween went great this year! The weather was warm- 90 degrees so it felt like summer and not really Fall to me. It felt like people were pretending it was Halloween and dressing up and trick or treating for fun. No Hot Chocolate, fire in the fireplace or thick Halloween costumes for us!! Josh took the kids out around 6:15 and they got back around 7:30 pm. I let them eat and then pick out 25 of their favorite pieces. We put those in separate bags and they can have two pieces after school and after dinner. I know it sounds a little over controlling, but with counting all the candy after we collected the rest and getting the number of 320 pieces, it was all I could do to feel better about that much candy in this house.

I stayed home and passed out the treats. I saw quite a few Moms dressed in skimpy costumes, which was pretty sad. I love what Christopher said on facebook-
"Halloween: #1 self inflicted cause for women losing the 'more than just a sex symbol' battle"
(never knew you could be quoted from your facebook posts, huh? Watch out world!)
We did see quite a few families from Church and that was fun. I realized that people have to put up a LOT of Halloween decorations so we know it's Fall, since there are no leaves that change color or weather that cools off a lot to let us know!


Fox and Amy said...

Fun! Meg--you should do your eyeliner like that all the time, hot mama! Your kids are so cute, and Josh's costume is cool. It makes me homesick to see all that candy...
Love ya!

Judy and Lloyd said...

My feeling about Halloween candy was--let them eat all they want right away. Then they throw up and it's over for another year.

Larissa said...

Yeah great costumes and pics (: Maybe not that much eyeliner but a bit more black on a daily basis spices it up! Love how Ethan has the look down for his costume!