November 20, 2011

8 am

The second round of medicine they gave me did nothing, so they had to schedule a D and C. I had one with my last miscarriage as well. We went in on Friday morning for a consult and since the Dr. I was seeing could only do it on Wednesday and we wanted to get it done sooner, we waited to see another Dr. who could do it earlier. The Dr. was very sweet and we scheduled it for Saturday at 10 am. My Mom and Dad were able to watch the kids for us, so that helped a lot. Friday, I was actually feeling fine instead of sick which the medicine made me, so my Mom and I ran around shopping and going to a very fun Holiday Boutique. We also hit Target and Joanns, ate a yummy homemade pizza dinner and then Josh and I went to a session at the Temple for Stake Temple Days. It was a very fun, busy day- to make up for the days I had spent waiting around to miscarry.

8 am found us at the hospital. I had not eaten or drank anything and by the time 9:30 am came around you had a still pregnant woman, sitting in an almost empty waiting room, listening to the buzz of a vending machine and reading ads in magazines about macaroni and cheese and chocolate cookies. When a lady came in and noisily got a soda, I was about to lose it!

We got settled in and everyone was commenting on how young I looked for having 4 children. Hee hee. I was glad that I do have children to come home to. Everything went fine, and soon I was being wheeled to the car. I slept off and on for the rest of the afternoon and evening from the anesthesia and now it's thrown my sleep off a little. My Parents took the kids to Gilbert Days while we were gone, where they rode ponies and ate cotton candy. They came home thrilled!

Asher woke up yesterday morning with 2 wiggly bottom teeth. He was so happy! "Look, Mom, look!" He kept saying. It was like Christmas morning. My baby is growing up!

To be continued...

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.

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Hilary said...

megan - i just got caught up on your blog. i'm so sorry to hear about your miscarraige:( sending you my love and prayers.