November 14, 2011

30 ways to de-stress

Appreciating nature- a good way to de-stress!

I've really being trying to have less stress in my life lately. It makes for a lot healthier life style. Here is a list I came up with of 30 ways to have less stress in my/your life:

1. Spend time with friends (talking/laughing/chatting always helps!)
2. Swimming/walking/running
3. Eating healthy- including fruits, veggies, protein, vitamins
4. Reaching out to the world
5. Service to others
6. Pets- dog, cat, snake, etc.
7. Talking to your spouse @ problems.
8. Taking time for yourself- reading something good, Stephen Raspberry Hot Chocolate
9. Planning trips/vacations (for me)
10. Making & setting goals.
11. Really praying
12. Pondering the scriptures
13. Taking vitamins (did I say that already?)
14. Living Righteously
15. Trusting in the Lord
16. Going to the Temple
17. Knowing where your money is & how it's working for you.
18. Listening to sweet tunes.
19. Having the Spirit with you.
20. Writing letters/writing (for me)
21. Playing the piano (working on it daily/new music)
22. Blogging
23. Trusting in Heavenly Father's plan for you.
24. Baking (me- 1 x a week)
25. Talking to family.
26. Learning something new.
27. Giving back.
28. Eat chocolate.
29. Dates with Hubby.
30. Decorate for the Holidays.

Hope you have a less-stressful week this week!


-Bonus- taking pictures!

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