November 11, 2011


Grandma's Room in Maryland

I miss this room. (If you want to see it personally, stop on by on Sunday between 1:30 pm and 4 pm- it'll be open!) We have been here for 3 months tomorrow. Our first home has been on the market for as much so and even a little bit more. There have been a lot of lookers but no takers. I really think it shows better with furniture it in. But since there is none, it will just have to do. This 20 ft extra room of ours was my favorite. This was where Grandma and any other guests for that matter stayed when they came to visit. We called it Grandma's room. We have a guest room here and we still try to call it Grandma's room but it just can't live up to it's predecessor. I blogged in that room, napped in that room, wrestled with the kids on that bed. That was where Asher made a hole in the wall when he was jumping on the bed. That room was where Beta, our only pet fish, lived. Who now lives with good friend Matthew. Hopefully.

Today, I read a great thought on Mothering. I love being a Mother and it is really hard work. Because of that, I love it when people give advice on how to be a good Mother. Shawni Pothier, the National Young Mother of the Year, who is having a retreat at her house in Gilbert next Friday and I will be dreaming of being there, spoke on her blog today about Gratitude. She said that when you start the day with an attitude of gratitude the day goes a lot better. When you are thankful for what you have, for your children, your home, your health, little tender mercies then you are more patient. You are more understanding and you are a better Mother.

I am excited to do this. Even if I don't feel grateful, I am going to count my blessings in the morning when I awake and that always puts me in a better mood. In fact, maybe I can try it on my blog (what with a new netbook having been bought with saved piano teaching $).

I am grateful for the Holiday season and the sparkles it brings me. I am grateful for the sparkles in my children's eyes as they play and laugh and run and jump. And I am grateful for you, dear readers.

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.


Amber said...

I wonder if you could stage your house (bring rented furniture and decorations in) a lot of people will do that to give the house an edge over other house that are selling. Your Realtor should know a staging company and pricing, it might be worth the extra money if it makes your house more appealing or makes it sell faster!

Ps. I love that room too, so comfy! Dave and I had a great time when we came to visit, I especially remember the chocolate candy you put on our pillows :)

Joanie said...

Many happy memories in that room. I love the slanted ceiling, the windows that go down to the floor...the leafy view from those windows, remembering Elizabeth dancing for me in that room....sigh...if I had money, I'd buy it and just let it be there for a vacation house...for all of us Hulihan's and Abbott's and friends...