October 31, 2011

The wolves are howling

Here I sit, in an arm chair next to the door, breezing through blogs and passing out snickers and pixie sticks to little mummies and tiny princesses and scary teenagers who really shouldn't be trick or treating. i was such a meanie and made a group of laughing ones (teenagers that is) actually hold out their bags and say trick or treat. goodness.

I was reading cJanes fictional non-fiction stories and was in pure heaven. You see, I am a READER. I would rather read than watch tv- although Frasier on netlix has been tempting me a lot lately. Josh and I have androids and I love using mine as my portable reader- scriptures, facebook (that's reading right?), blogs. My new lust is a tiny laptop that just gets wireless or maybe an ipad with a portable keyboard?

The wolves are howling, the moon is not really full, my kids will soon come back, flushed with the rush of even the thought of so much sugar, and I will close down my phone and listen to their stories, piled on top of each other like warm socks tumbling in the dryer and I will go to bed happy.

I just shut the door on a ghost buster and his father the marshmallow man. Made my night!

Don't try the Apple Cinnamon Jamba Juice. It's nasty. Even if you are craving something festive and they are all sold out of the pumpkin.

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