October 6, 2011


I saw my very first Mormon.org commercial yesterday! I was at the gym, in the Women's locker room, when I noticed that someone I recognized was on tv. It was Alex Boye and he was doing a "I am a Mormon" 15 second spot of tv. I was so excited! I tried to stare intently at the tv so that the other people- okay, it was just one person- would wonder what I was staring at and would look too. And it worked! Right after his spot came another one- a Father and Mother of 3- happy and living the Gospel.

And I felt the Spirit. Right there, in the Women's Locker Room. And I was happy. I excitedly told Josh about it when I returned home. He has done a profile and I have done a profile on Mormon.org. I redid my picture and some of my descriptions- to change our location, etc.- and am just waiting for it to be approved again! I encourage you to do one. You can share it on facebook and twitter when it's approved.

I want to make a t-shirt that says "I am mormon.org" but I haven't found the time yet. Whoever thought you would have more time when your kids in school was COMPLETELY wrong. It seems like I have less time! "What? It's 2:30 pm already??? Where the heck did my day go?" Maybe it would be nice if my kids rode the bus and came home at 4:00 but then they would have less time to practice piano, do homework, Activity Days, etc! And I miss them like crazy too.

This is my blog. My name is Megan A.

-I forgot to mention that Ruth's husband- Abraham Wise- worked with Josh at WileyRein and that they are our friends! They are an amazing couple and they are wonderful examples to us of how we should live our lives. They are so faithful, loving and kind. They are amazing!

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Joanie said...

Thanks for sharing...it is great that you know these people personally, too. About time flying..ask any retired person. They will say :"I don't know how I ever had the time to go to work."