October 9, 2011

I am a Child of God

This morning I woke up very early with a terrifying dream. I had chastised my son. Really loudly. In public. (Not that this may or may not have happened before). It shook me to the core. My soul knows who these little people really are and how special they are to our Heavenly Father.

I couldn't sleep so I went online and began watching (while flipping to other sites as well) Elder Uchdorf's Saturday Morning Conference address You Matter to Him. His message was meant just for me. And I mean that. Coming from Maryland, where we owned a beautiful home, had good, strong family who loved, served and counseled us often, with an income coming in and our lives established- to moving to Arizona with an Uncle and cousin in Mesa and our other closest family in California. Renting, struggling to make friends in a huge ward, working hard to set up house and home and establish a life for ourselves. I had begun to think "Have I been forgotten?" In fact, I had pleaded to Heavenly Father in prayer before Conference- "Let me know that you are here. Somehow. Someway. I need to know." I watched as much as I could and got a lot of good messages for me. But not the answer to my prayer. Until today.

We felt strongly that the Lord wanted us here- in fact, picked us up, put us in a beautiful place. And now I felt that He had left us. Here. To struggle. On our own.

President Uchdorf, in the cool morning that is October in Arizona, on a laptop that is 8 years old and reboots every ten minutes, let me know that that is NOT the case. He has not left us. I am not forgotten. He is mighty and all powerful and I am His child. We are His children. Of this I am grateful, on this Fast Sunday Morning.

My name is Megan Abbott. And I am a child of God.

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Larissa said...

what a great comfort conference can be! Glad you feel better and we all know it will work out as it should for the best for your family!