October 25, 2011

Fishing in Gilbert!

Asher, fishing!

Elizabeth and Asher

Ethan and Jonah- note the jackets and pants. It was 70 degrees that morning- chilly for these Arizona dudes- already used to triple digits all the time!

I haven't been blogging much but I have been on pinterest (I love it!) more so when I I do blog expect some posts with cute crafts and ideas (stolen from someone else!) My Mom is on Pinterest too- so fun!

A few weeks ago Gilbert had a fishing day for the youth. We went and had lots of fun. There were tons of people there and a loud speaker broadcasting winners of prizes and scaring away all the fish but we had a fun time nonetheless! My kids will all be asking for fishing rods this Christmas! Hopefully Santa can fit four rods in his bag this year!

With 3 boys I do -and enjoy!- so many things I never thought I would! I actually really like fishing. I like the part where you cast the line in and wait- hoping and hoping for that one catch. And when it does come- it's like Christmas morning! No wonder some people love fishing! A tug, a reel, a squirmy alive thing, squeals of child glee!

Playing catch outside with Asher, then Ethan and Jonah in the backyard.

Watching them ride their bikes past Elizabeth who squirts them with a water gun like a home made sprinkler (until Elizabeth shot Asher in his nose and made him bleed!).

Taking them to the Fair and seeing their eyes light up at the first sight of the bumper cars! And begging to go on that one. Then having them be just an inch too short to drive!

I love having boys! And I wouldn't mind having another one!

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