October 17, 2011

Fall Break

My mom and the kids!

Our talks went really well! I was shaking even before I went up, but after awhile, I calmed down and all was smooth sailing from then on! And now we won't have to speak for another ten years! Unless we move into a new ward! Glad it's over with!

Last week was Fall Break for our kids. Since they started school so early, it's nice to have a little break in there! My Mom and Dad and sister Larissa and her two kids Shayla and Mitchell came to visit for half the week on Wed. It was SO nice having them here and it was fun showing them around! Thursday morning we went to the Riparian preserve and walked around the lake, looked at the ducks (you can't feed them bread-just seeds) and showed off the cacti. We also checked out the Library and got a movie and some books. Thursday afternoon my Mom, Larissa and I had a girls afternoon out and we went to Hobby Lobby and out for some Pumpkin Custard- which was really good! We brought the men back some to thank them for watching the kids!

The kids had lots of fun playing together and it's amazing what energy a 2 and 4 yr old can bring into the mix!

Friday morning we went to the Pumpkin Patch and then to the Mesa Temple to check out the Visitors Center. My Mom and Dad lived in a small house close to the temple right after they got married and they wanted to check it out, but it has since been replaced by a parking structure. Sad! Larissa went down to Tucson for a friend's baby shower and Josh and I went out on a date while my Parents watched the kids!

Saturday morning my Mom and I went shopping and the men went to the gym afterwards. My Mom made some fun gingerbread ghost cookies- she is a great cook! Uncle Jimmy- my Dad's brother came over for some hoagies for lunch and it was fun chatting. Later my Mom and I went and checked out the KB model homes (she pretended like she wanted to buy one- maybe she didn't have to pretend!). They are so beautifully decorated! Saturday night we watched a movie and Sunday morning they were on the road.

Thanks for visiting us guys- we had a blast! The kids had a slow start to their Monday morning today, but all will be well quite soon!

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Larissa said...

we loved every minute of it and look forward to coming back!!