September 19, 2011


our forever family

We have visitors! We are so excited to have Josh's older sister Kristen and her oldest son Christopher here with us in Arizona for a few days. They arrived Saturday evening and will leave Wednesday morning. Christopher has won a scholarship to a school in Phoenix that specializes in motorcycle and vehicle repairs (I think they do both). He won best in the State of California in motorcycle repair and third in the Nation! Amazing! He is coming here in June and we are excited to be here as well!

We've been staying up late talking, eating cookies, laughing, going to Church and celebrating Elizabeth's birthday. They are our first house guests and we love it! It has cooled down enough that we were able to go for a walk outside! Hooray!

Kristen has asked us- what is so neat about living here? I think being here a few days, along with a Cafe Rio burrito will help her see why we love it here. Have I mentioned? I love it here!

At Church today, Kristen and Christopher noticed that many people were giving one man in our ward lots of long, strong hugs. I had been practicing with the choir and arrived late, so I hadn't noticed. Then we found out that a son of a counselor in our Bishopric passed away last night at the age of 43 from Lou Gehrig's disease. He had 4 children and was diagnosed 5 years ago. We are new to the ward, so we had never met him, but our Bishop gave a very stirring eulogy to him and many people were just in tears.

In Relief Society his Mother had been assigned to teach the lesson on the post-mortal world and she was there to give it. Amazing. They were in the Mesa temple in the Celestial room the day before when they were passed a note that their son had stopped breathing and they were doing CPR and taking him to the hospital. They rushed back and found him on life support. In the temple, she had prayed for him to be allowed to come home and she realized that was the same time he had stopped breathing.

Everyone was just crying. They passed boxes of kleenex around and it was so touching. Her love for him and knowledge that he was happy now- healthy and in a good place with loved ones. I was amazed that she could teach that lesson less than 11 hours after her son had passed away. And it made me stop. Stop and think. Who will be there to greet me when I die? When death from this life is a birth into another. Charlotte. Grandma Beverly. Grandpa Wight. Baby Rose? Friends and family I don't remember.

I am so grateful for the knowledge I have that there is life after death. That through the Resurrection of Christ, we will all be resurrected and live again with our families and those we love forever. We are so blessed in the things that matter most. Amazing.

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Larissa said...

Wow - that is crazy story with the death and temple, pretty neat!!!