September 15, 2011

Our Snake Sadie!

photos by Josh

Six months ago we decided that we wanted a pet. Besides a fish. Yes, it takes our family that long to decide about things like this. We googled good pets for kids and it came up with a snake as being one of the top best pets for kids. You don't have to walk them, clean up after them too much or feed them very often. I was hesitant though. When we came out to Arizona and saw the many, many snakes my cousin is raising we got excited! If Zack could do it, we could do it too! When we came back, we promised the kids they could get a snake once we got to Arizona.

And thus, last Saturday found us at a small Arizona reptile store with Zack, searching for the best snake for us. And we found her- a 2-3 month old female corn snake. She's adorable. I was slightly nervous and still am. But I'll get used to it. And the kids love her. They love to check on her and see where she's hiding (she's very creative) and hold her too. So fun!

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Larissa said...

Do you mean hiding in the house or in her cage? Ha ha - fun pet!