September 29, 2011

Oh, Happy Day!

My day got better and better yesterday. Josh bought me flowers and chocolate, I talked my sister in Japan on Skype and we had a great meal with the missionaries for dinner. Today has been even better! I went swimming, ran errands at the post office, went for a walk while chatting with Larissa and went to the library. Thanks to those who reached out and helped me feel of their love. My day also made me realize how different a life I lead now that all 4 of my children are in school.

Top Ten Reasons to Love Life While Your Kiddos Are in School

1. Going to the library and spending as long as you want browsing in the ADULT section. No tugging at the pant leg, no twins setting off the fire alarm (yes, that did happen) and no children running away getting lost. Hooray!

2. Talking on my cell phone while going for a walk in the middle of the day. No children realizing I'm on the phone and taking off to scare the neighbor's dog. No yelling for said children to come back here! Yes!

3. Stopping to get gas and hearing no groans, moans or c'mon, Mom! I gotta go potty!'s. Yay!

4. Coming home and eating a quiet lunch with my husband. Yum!

5. Sitting down and reading something I checked out from the library right away! Tada!

6. Paying bills while watching a show I want to watch- not Diego. Yipee!

7. Checking my e-mail, blog and other sites in complete silence! Yes!

8. Cleaning the house and having it stay clean for at least a couple of hours. Amazing!

9. Taking out the trash without small ones escaping and tracking grass all over. Yesss!

10. Last but not least, taking a nap whenever I may need to. Uh-huh!

Picking them up from school, and hearing all about their day and how much fun they had- or not? Priceless.

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.


Larissa said...

Yeah! Glad you had a better day and it was great to talk to you! Would have been even better if my kids werenot whining in the background - but we will take what we can get! xoxo

Joanie said... don't you go getting a job or need time to restore yourself/get things done in an unrushed fashion so when your kids do come home from school, you have the emotional and physical energy to "be with them".Raising kids takes a lot of I'm glad you have had such good "restorative" days lately. Love ya! Mom

Mandy said...

Megan! I love how you're so honest with Bipolar. Reading about it from you has been very educational for me and I think you are an amazing person! What a great mama and great example you are to me. Thanks for being so real. I enjoy keeping up with you through your blog!