September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

One of the MAIN reasosn we moved to Arizona was to be closer to family. So, when I saw a 3 day weekend open up on the calendar- thank you, Labor Day!- I seized the day and amidst boxes half unpacked, we packed up again and drove a mere 6 hrs to Glendora, California to stay with my sweet Grandmother Betty (who Elizabeth is named after). We were also able to see my adorable Parents and my sister Larissa and brother Tommy and their families as well, whom we saw last summer.

The drive was unbelievably quick and easy- we're already talking of a Thanksgiving visit- and we made it in 6 hrs even (including 3 potty stops). We left after lunch and got there in time for a late dinner. Grandma is a wonderful cook and spoiled us with great food and ice cream after every meal. A return to exercise is definitely needed! Saturday we decided to hit the beach (it had been a year since we had visited it's sandy shores). We chose to go to Santa Monica beach- not the best choice, but fun anyways. Upon arrival, Josh ran into a co-worker from Wiley Rein in D.C. and was shocked at how small a world this is.

On Sunday we went to Church with the Glendora 1st Ward and Josh met a friend from BYU law school as well- amazing. It's little things like that, that let me know that Heavenly Father knows who we are, where we are, what we need and where we are going.

We walked home to my Grandma's house and the family flowed into the door. My sister Larissa came with her two little chicks: Shayla, age 4- a burst of yellow sunshine and energy, just what Larissa was like growing up and Mitchell, age 18 months- more timid yet playful and full of fun. My brother Tommy (or Thomas as his wife would prefer) and his wife Christine came with their kids Kalea- 6 now and oh so much older, Isaiah- who with his dark brown eyes and 4 years of age towers above our 5 yr old Asher, and Dax, aged 18 months as well and just as busy as a little boy can be. We ate a very big lunch and played until the sun went down.

Monday morning we set off for home, stopping 3 quick times for a potty break in the amazingly hot Arizona heat. Wow!

We haven't lived here long enough for it to feel like coming home- but I can already tell, Arizona has a part of my heart.

This is my blog. My name is Megan Abbott.

More pics to follow as blogger is giving me problems!

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Larissa said...

Yay! We are so glad you are so close and are able to come visit! It was GREAT to see you and be with the kiddos! See you again soon!!!