September 8, 2011

I love...

My Mom asked what my gift was that I sent out for my celebration post- it was rice krispies made out of one of my new favs-

Caramel/Vanillla marshmallows! I normally add a little vanilla but when I used these marshmallows I didn't have to! They are completely heavenly and I adore them! I ate them one at a time, but then had to use them all up so I wouldn't be tempted any longer. Our local Super Walmart actually has a section of an aisle dedicated to marshmallows. There are mini chocolate and mint marshmallows- perfect for a cup of Stephens Hot Cocoa (in December here). There are bags of chocolate coated mini marshmallows and even marshmallow shaped fruit. Josh and I were gaping in the aisle at so many different varieties. Only in America, we chimed!

I also topped it with another of my favorties- candy corn pumpkins!! I buy a bag when I first see them out for the season- which was 2 weeks ago!- eat them slowly and share them sometimes. I ate five in one sitting and Josh can barely eat one. What can I say? I have a super sweet tooth!!

Old Navy Halloween Costumes! I got the boys Frog Halloween costumes from etsy one year and they wore them for 3 years straight (well, just Jonah wore it the 3rd yr). I love, love, love them! They are cute, sturdy, did I mention cute? And since they only go up to size 4t/5t- if I want Asher to wear one, this will be the last year he can! What do you think? Would he go for being a hamburger, or is that not boyish enough?

This is my blog. My name is Megan A.

ps- here in Arizona, if I try to blog at my normal time (1 pm or 2 pm), blogger takes forever to upload any pics. In Maryland I never had a problem. At 5:30 am though, it seems to be doing fine. I wonder what other time would work.

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